about cityinflux

Cityinflux is an endeavour to document the inbetween spaces that appear as an aberrant to the norm, but infact get legitimised due to the inability of the surroundings to linearise what is sometimes lost in the usual recognizable markers defining the city fabric.

On viewing these episodes by manoeuvring the media online, the work attempts to highlight and exemplify the conditions under which these temporary moments are exposed to show it's inner structure, it's apparent sincerity, it's revelatory simplicity.

Some of the work presented deals with a build up to a moment, a break in the image, a fracture or a sudden shift. These shifts, be it bodies reacting to their surroundings, or the surrounding itself changing, document the ambiguous settling time in between the events of the city.

The work also deals with directing the eye to access just parts of the visual narrative playing out a moment in its entirety. The gesture thus recorded epitomises a certain identity of the city as a whole which is momentarily revealed in that one gesture.